MBA Program

Program Overview

The Hong Kong MBA is designed for working professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs. It enables participants to integrate a rigorous and thorough management education with the demands of a full-time job. The program is designed to be completed in less than two years while you maintain your full-time employment.

The Hong Kong MBA will broaden your expertise and leadership abilities. Your employer also benefits tremendously. What you learn on the weekend will impact your job performance on Monday. You will become a more knowledgeable professional who can help make your company more competitive.

The program places a premium on practical value. Designed to meet the accelerated demands of fast-track professionals like you, the MBA provides many benefits:

Receiving a World Top 50 MBA degree from an internationally recognized business college, without interrupting your career.

Enhanced ability to work effectively as part of a team. You'll be interacting with business professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Enhanced management skills you can apply to real-life business situations. This will come from your coursework, study groups, and interactions with top faculty members.

Faculty are internationally recognized for their achievements. You will be instructed by the same faculty who teach the Tippie MBA programs in Iowa.

Students may choose to complete one semester of coursework on campus in Iowa City.

While in the program, you'll learn theory while developing practical problem-solving skills through business simulations, case analyses, problem-solving discussions, team presentations, individual study, lectures, distinguished guest speakers, and assigned readings. The MBA experience will provide you an education that's not limited to textbooks, case studies, software, and syllabi, but one that encompasses the collective professional experiences of every student and faculty member.

Information learned in the program is often immediately applicable to your job. Classroom discussions can serve as a laboratory for solving business issues that you currently face each day in your work.

(The Hong Kong MBA is registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau, registration number 261640. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.