Graduates of the Hong Kong MBA have utilized their degree to advance in their professional careers. Learn firsthand why they saw the program as a valuable investment.

Lawrence Chu

Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, APJ at Targus Asia Pacific Ltd.

"The rigorous program helped escalate my business acumen and develop my critical thinking skills. The MBA provided immediate value by increasing my strategic awareness -- definitely worth my investment in terms of my time and money."

Divesh Gupta

Assistant Vice President, Business Operations, PCCW Global

"The western faculty and a diverse mix of students from the greater China region fostered healthy in-class discussions on business best practices, which made for an enlightening, all-around learning experience."

Carmen Lam

CEO, PrinCorp Wealth Advisors (Asia) Limited

"The knowledge and team-based project learning experiences shared in the classroom can immediately be adapted and applied to your own career situation and workplace." Read more about Lam's MBA experience and her commencement speech.

Steve Zidek

Vice President and Finance Business Partner, Asia Pacific, Marriott International

"The classes are delivered with the right mix of in-class lectures and activities, group assignments, and individual work. The curriculum is made up of both technical and managerial courses that add variety and keep it interesting."

Frank Chen

Asia Pacific IT Director, ASML Taiwan Ltd.

"I cherished every minute of my time here both in learning and networking. While the classroom learning might end, the network we created extends far beyond the classroom and continues as an invaluable resource for us in the future."

Story Chan

Director, Max Fortune Industrial Limited

"The flexibility offered by the program allowed me to maintain a good balance among my study, work, and family commitments. In a nutshell, it's a great investment and a great experience."

Bruce Chiang

Product Manager, SanDisk

"The faculty have high expectations, but give us the tools we need to meet those expectations. The Iowa MBA has opened new doors for my career and has prepared me to compete successfully."

Tommy Jefferson Li

eCommerce Business Development Manager, BGC Partners

"The diverse backgrounds in students and alumni are second to none, maximizing the networking and peer learning opportunities throughout the intensive 15-month program."